WITH SPACE IN MIND (M020A, solo percussion) In this warm, rich sounding audiophile recording, made without any overdubs, Nauseef confirms his position as one of the premier and most original voices among the world's percussionists. Available




BIRDS OF A FEATHER (UTR 4102) Mark (playing percussion and primitive electronics) joins forces with Swiss pianist and composer Sylvie Courvoisier to create music that is intimate, natural, sophisticated and infinitely elegant. Available




ottomania.jpg (4718 bytes)KUDSI ERGUNER: "Ottomania" (ACT 9006-2) This is the first World Music project that integrates the classical music of the Ottoman empire with Western jazz improvisations and rhythms. Nauseef is featured in this unique, inspired and organic-sounding project, along with the saxophonist Christof Lauer, tubist Michel Godard and an ensemble of masterful performers on Turkish traditional instruments. Available



MICHEL GODARD: "Sous Les Voûtes, Le Serpent..."(M048A) After years of intense collaborations, Mark again joins Godard (who this time plays the Medieval serpent almost exclusively) for this truly beautiful recording made at the Monasterio de la Santa Espina in Valladoid, Spain. With Linda Bsiri (voice and trumpet marine) and Pedro Estevan (percussion). Available



VENUS SQUARE MARS - Music for the Deep Night (M028A) The modern, psychedelic, trans-cultural transcendental music. With David Philipson (bansuri north Indian bamboo flute, ocarrinas) and Hamza El-Din (oud, tar). Available



MICHEL GODARD QUARTET: Una Mora (Label Hopi 200013) with Michel Godard (tuba), Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) and Tony Overwater (bass) Available



RABIH ABOU-KHALIL: The Sultan's Picnic (ENJA 8078 2) Beside Nauseef, Rabih is joined here by Howard Levy (harmonica), Kenny Wheeler (trumpet), Charlie Mariano(alto saxophone), Michel Godard (tuba, serpent), Steve Swallow (bass), Milton Cardona (congas) and Nabil Khaiat (frame drums). Available



RABIH ABOU-KHALIL: Odd Times (ENJA 9330 2) This energetic, live recording extends Abou-Khalil's unique brand of World Music to its outer limits. With Howard Levy (harmonica), Michel Godard (tuba and serpent) and Nabil Khaiat (frame drums). Available



SYLVIE COURVOISIER: Ocre (ENJA 9323 2) This is a recording of one of Europe's most prominent young composer/improvisers who is joined by Nauseef on percussion, Pierre Charial on barrel organ, Michel Godard on tuba and serpent and Tony Overwater on bass. It is one of the most colorful and unique sounding bands that you could ever imagine. Available



JACK BRUCE: A Question Of Time (Acadia 8155)
With Ginger Baker, Tony Williams, Zakir Hussain, Allan Holdsworth, Nicky Hopkins, Albert Collins, Bernie Worrell, Steve Jordan and others.

Available June 26, 2007




DARK (CMP 28) This is the original DARK, with singer Catherine Guard, percussionist Leonice Shinneman and Mark London Sims on bass, keyboards and percussion. Option Magazine found it  a "challenging, complex, subtle and superlative work" while Forced Exposure simply called it "a very great slab of plastic." May be available, but hard to find




JIMI SUMEN: Paintbrush, Rock Penstemon (CMP 61)
Electric guitarist from Finland, Jimi Sumen, with Edward Vesala`s Sound and Fury. Compositions by Edward Vesala.
May be available, but hard to find




WUN-WUN (CMP 25) "...mysteriously moving, thoroughly personal, boundary mocking sounds." (down beat, Aug. 1985) With Jack Bruce (voice, bass), Trilok Gurtu (voice) and Walter Quintus (onaiprah, violin). May be available, but hard to find



SURA (CMP 21) "...imaginative, mostly wordless floating opera that spans the Himalayas and Indonesia with pan-cultural percussion..." (down beat, Aug 1985)
Mark's guests on this record include, among others, Joachim Kühn (piano and church organ), Trilok Gurtu (percussion), David Torn (guitar) and Markus Stockhausen (trumpet). May be available, but hard to find



PERSONAL NOTE (CMP 16) is Nauseef's classic 1981 debut solo recording which features Philip Lynott on vocals, Joachim Kühn on keyboards, Jan Akkerman on guitar and Trilok Gurtu on percussion. Probably only available in Japan






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