The Old Country



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  1. Invocation (H. Levy)
  2. Nutbuster (M. Nauseef)
  3. Kucano oro (traditional Macedonian)
  4. The Old Country (Nauseef / Tadić / Levy)
  5. Lamentation (R. Abou-Khalil)
  6. Hayabusa (H. Levy)
  7. Difficult Crossing (Nauseef / Tadić / Levy)
  8. Jovano, Jovanke (traditional Macedonian)
  9. The Origin Of Insects (Nauseef / Tadić / Levy)
  10. Still Light, But Turning Dark Blue (M. Nauseef)
  11. Dancing On The Moon (H. Levy)
  12. Lounge de la Frontera (Nauseef / Tadić / Levy)


Mark Nauseef on PureCussion drums.

Miroslav Tadić on classical and classical contra-bass guitars.

Howard Levy on diatonic harmonicas, ocarinas, jaw harp and clavichord.

Recorded in May 1994 at Hirara Hall in Tokyo, Japan by Todd Garfinkle.

This is an audiophile digital recording made at 96 kHz.

Produced by Todd Garfinkle.

Photography and design by Zlatan Ristic.