Here are some photos that were taken over the years. Some of these are not of very high quality, but if you made it this far you might be interested in them for their documentary value. Photo credit is given wherever the photographer is known. 

1. Albert Hofmann, 2006, the Swiss scientist who discovered LSD, signing copies of ALBERT, the tribute CD recording celebrating his 100th birthday. Music by: Mark Nauseef, Ikue Mori, Sylvie Courvoisier, Walter Quintus. Recorded in 2005. LEO Records.

2. SURA session, 1983, MN, Joachim Kühn, Detlev Beier, Markus Stockhausen
David Torn, Trilok Gurtu, Kamalesh Maitra

3.  Istanbul, Turkey, 2014, Photo by Milo Kofi Nauseef

4.  XX Sarajevo Jazz Festival, 2016 
Photo by Jasmin Brutus

5.  XX Sarajevo Jazz Festival, 2016 with Vincent Courtois
Photo by Jasmin Brutus

6.  XX Sarajevo Jazz Festival, 2016 with Vincent Courtois
Photo by Vanja Cerimagic

7.  XX Sarajevo Jazz Festival, 2016 with Vincent Courtois And John Greaves
Photo by Jasmin Brutus

8.  Essaouira,Morocco, 2007

9.  With Space In Mind printable version 300dpi

10.  With Space In Mind
Photo by Miha Vipotnik

11.  Snakish transformation, 2005

12.  Evan Parker, MN, Ikue Mori  Kent, England 2010   

13.  Sopra Le Nuvole with Fabrizio Ottaviucci, Tara Bouman, Markus Stockhausen, Stefano Scodanibbio, MN. Galicia, Spain 2008  

14.  Markus Stockhausen Trio with MN  2008

15.  MN stunned in Morocco
2008, Photo by Milo Kofi MN

16.  MN with Sylvie Courvoisier's "Ocre", 1998
Photo by Klaus Mümpfer

17.  MN with Michel Godard Quartet, Lausanne Jazz Festival, 1998
Photo by Mario Del Curto

18.  MN and Miroslav Tadić with Dusan Bogdanovic, Tokyo, October 1991

19.      Let's Be Generous, Zerkall, Germany, August 1990
Photo by Kurt Renker

20.      Miroslav Tadić and MN with Dusan Bogdanovic,
rehearsing, Los Angeles, October 1991
Photo by Miha Vipotnik

21.      More Dark, Los Angeles, April 1988
Photos by Fern Seiden

22.      Dark: the first concert, Los Angeles, April 1988
Photo by Fern Seiden

23.      MN, dancing in the African Ensemble, Los Angeles, 1987

24.      MN, playing Ghanaian music with Kobla Ladzekpo, Los Angeles, 1987