Etching The Ether by Trance Map+, an electro-acoustic formation founded by electronic musician, turntable player and sound designer Matt Wright and saxophonist Evan parker. Etching the Ether also features trumpeter Peter Evans and percussionist Mark Nauseef.




Mongrels with Tony Buck and Mark Nauseef is formidable collection of bells and gongs from Bali, Java, Korea, Japan, India, China and Tibet generating a matrix in which guitars, including electric baritones, steel string, slide, prepared guitars, bass and monochords create an orchestra rich in overtones, microtonal movement, harmonics and glow.




LA CONVIVENCIA: HOMMAGE TO FLORY JAGODA is a recording consisting of 2 cycles of songs by Merima Ključo inspired by the Sephardic tradition played by Merima Ključo, Jelena Milušić, Miroslav Tadić and Yvette Holzwarth.




"It is a moment of collective definition, an episode of a group mind in which shared concentration gives meaning and form to shared time and space, the period of its making and its later listening.”
Stuart Broomer March 2021
Featuring Evan Parker, Percy Pursglove, Sten Sandell, Adam Linson, Matt Wright, Paul Lytton, Mark Nauseef, Richard Barrett, Paul Obermayer, Peter van Bergen




ALL IN ALL IN ALL is a 2018 release by Relative Pitch Records. An epic masterpiece featuring Arthur Jarvinen, Tony Oxley, Pat Thomas, Sylvie Courvoisier, Walter Quintus, Bill Laswell, Miroslav Tadić and Mark Nauseef. Commissioned by the WDR (West German Radio), masterfully recorded by Walter Quintus and composed by Mark Nauseef.




LOCKED HYBRIDS by British sound artist-composer-scholar Matthew Wright has recently been released by Relative Pitch Records. With samples of Evan Parker, Toma Gouband and Mark Nauseef collected during a 2018 recording at Arco Barco in Ramsgate, UK, Wright assembled LOCKED HYBRIDS during the 2020 lockdown. Using a mixture of software editing and Wright's own brand of improvised mixing with turntables and laptops, the resultant music is a blend of experimental hip hop, sonic art, improvisation and digital composition.




AS THE WIND a 2017 EVAN PARKER release from psi compact discs features Nauseef playing metallophone based percussion and TOMA GOUBAND playing lithophone based percussion. as the wind was recorded in 2012 by genius engineer Adam Skeaping in the warm, natural acoustics of St. Peters, Whitstable, England.




SPACES & SPHERES  featuring Stefano Scodanibbio, Markus Stockhausen, Fabrizio Ottaviucci and Tara Bouman. This is one of the last recordings made by contrabass virtuoso and composer Stefano Scodanibbio before his untimely death in January 2012. Scodanibbio's uniquely beautiful playing shines throughout the recording.




NEAR NADIR with Ikue Mori, Evan Parker and Bill Laswell. From Tzadik's release notes:Tzadik is proud to present this historic meeting of four major figures in the new music pantheon, each a master improviser and groundbreaking instrumentalist in their own right. Their work together is symbiotic, telepathic – the music powerful and sensitive, sustaining a hypnotic mood with great attention to detail and subtle nuance. Mixed to perfection by Bill Laswell, this is a landmark recording of electro-acoustic improvisation featuring four pioneers of the genre. Mindblowing!



KIBYOSHI  2011 DVD release of composer and electronics specialist Ikue Mori. The DVD features animation by Mori with music by Mori, Nauseef and the virtuoso singer Makigami Koichi. The DVD, produced by John Zorn, has been released on the Tzadik label




CITY OF LEAVES  by Sussan Deyhim. Nauseef joins Sussan, Kudsi Erguner and Bill Laswell on the track Searching For You. Produced by Bill Laswell. Venus Rising Records





ASPIRATION   A compilation produced by Bill Laswell. It also features Persian singer Sussan Deyhim and Turkish ney master Kudsi Erguner. Others on the project include Carlos Santana, Zakir Hussain, Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, John McLaughlin and the Dalai Lama. Metastation Records





AIR by David Liebman and Walter Quintus
David Liebman: Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Wooden Flute Walter Quintus: Sounds, Markus Stockhausen: trumpet Mark Nauseef: percussion, vibraphone Marcio Doctor: percussion Simon Stockhausen: keyboards Katya Quintus: voice, electronics. Released by Vaju Construction





JOELLE LEANDRE at the LeMans Jazz Festival - Other musicians on this double CD include Maggie Nicols, Irene Schweizer, William Parker, Paul Lovens, Carlos Zingaro, Markus Stockhausen, India Cooke and Sebi Tramontana. Leo Records






ALBERT is a 100th birthday tribute to Albert Hofmann, the alchemist who discovered the philosopher's stone in the form of LSD. With Ikue Mori (computer), Sylvie Courvoisier (piano and prepared piano) and Walter Quintus (recording and mixing), along with Hofmann's voice





NO MATTER (Metastation MT022) With Bill Laswell, Markus Stockhausen and Kudsi Erguner









SNAKISH - Mark Nauseef, Miroslav Tadić and Walter Quintus with Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet) and Katja Quintus (spoken word): 
A work which consists of 14 pieces that thoroughly defy classification. Drums, bells, trumpet, classical and baritone guitars and spoken word are combined with Walter's processing and sound-sculpting to create sonic spaces of great uniqueness, dimensionality and beauty. "Snakish" was released by Leo Records at the end of May 2005





EVIDENT (482 Music 482-1024) with Joëlle Léandre, Contrabass and Voice
Recorded live in concert. Available




WITH SPACE IN MIND (M020A, solo percussion) In this warm, rich sounding audiophile recording, made without any overdubs, Nauseef confirms his position as one of the premier and most original voices among the world's percussionists





PERSONAL NOTE (CMP 16) is Nauseef's classic 1981 debut solo recording which features Philip Lynott on vocals, Joachim Kühn on keyboards, Jan Akkerman on guitar and Trilok Gurtu on percussion





SURA (CMP 21) "...imaginative, mostly wordless floating opera that spans the Himalayas and Indonesia with pan-cultural percussion..." (down beat, Aug 1985)
Mark's guests on this record include, among others, Joachim Kühn (piano and church organ), Trilok Gurtu (percussion), David Torn (guitar) and Markus Stockhausen (trumpet)





WUN-WUN (CMP 25) "...mysteriously moving, thoroughly personal, boundary mocking sounds." (down beat, Aug. 1985) With Jack Bruce (voice, bass), Trilok Gurtu (voice) and Walter Quintus (onaiprah, violin)





CAN YOU FOLLOW  (Esoteric Records) A JACK BRUCE 6 CD BOX SET with John McLaughlin, Tony Williams, Frank Zappa, Cream, Miroslav Tadić, Chris Spedding, John Mayall, a.o., 2008








BIRDS OF A FEATHER (UTR 4102) Mark (playing percussion and primitive electronics) joins forces with Swiss pianist and composer Sylvie Courvoisier to create music that is intimate, natural, sophisticated and infinitely elegant





SYLVIE COURVOISIER: Ocre (ENJA 9323 2) This is a recording of one of Europe's most prominent young composer/improvisers who is joined by Nauseef on percussion, Pierre Charial on barrel organ, Michel Godard on tuba and serpent and Tony Overwater on bass. It is one of the most colorful and unique sounding bands that you could ever imagine





GAZING POINT (rad 2002 - 2) features Nauseef playing gongs, bells and wood, Kudsi Erguner on ney and Markus Stockhausen on trumpet and flugelhorn. It is an audio excursion or bridge leading to the other side of conditioned existence






ottomania.jpg (4718 bytes) KUDSI ERGUNER: "Ottomania" (ACT 9006-2) This is the first World Music project that integrates the classical music of the Ottoman empire with Western jazz improvisations and rhythms. Nauseef is featured in this unique, inspired and organic-sounding project, along with the saxophonist Christof Lauer, tubist Michel Godard and an ensemble of masterful performers on Turkish traditional instruments.





ISLAM BLUES (ACT 9286 - 2), Nauseef's second CD with the Turkish ney master Kudsi Erguner (after "Ottomania") also features Vietnamese guitarist Nguyên Lê, the extraordinary French contrabassist Renaud Garcia-Fons and a group of the very best young Turkish singers and instrumentalists from Istambul.





RABIH ABOU-KHALIL: The Sultan's Picnic (ENJA 8078 2) With Rabih Abou-Khalil (oud), Howard Levy (harmonica), Kenny Wheeler (trumpet), Charlie Mariano(alto saxophone), Michel Godard (tuba, serpent), Steve Swallow (bass), Milton Cardona (congas) and Nabil Khaiat (frame drums)





RABIH ABOU-KHALIL: Odd Times (ENJA 9330 2) This energetic, live recording extends Abou-Khalil's unique brand of World Music to its outer limits. With Howard Levy (harmonica), Michel Godard (tuba and serpent) and Nabil Khaiat (frame drums)





LOOSE WIRES (ENJA 90712), a power-trio with one of world's leading tuba players, Michel Godard, who also plays the Medieval serpent and Miroslav Tadić (guitars). This record moves from gentle, acoustic textures to beautiful, gigantic sheets of sound. Beside originals it contains the music of Victor Kosma and John Coltrane





MICHEL GODARD: "Sous Les Voûtes, Le Serpent..."(M048A) After years of intense collaborations, Mark again joins Godard (who this time plays the Medieval serpent almost exclusively) for this truly beautiful recording made at the Monasterio de la Santa Espina in Valladoid, Spain. With Linda Bsiri (voice and trumpet marine) and Pedro Estevan (percussion)






MICHEL GODARD QUARTET: Una Mora (Label Hopi 200013) with Michel Godard (tuba), Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) and Tony Overwater (bass) 






THE OLD COUNTRY (M029A),with the harmonica virtuoso Howard Levy (also playing ocarinas and clavichord) and Miroslav Tadić (guitars)





STILL LIGHT (M027A) with Markus Stockhausen (trumpet, piccolo trumpet and flugelhorn) and Miroslav Tadić (guitars). Recorded in the mountains near Matsumoto, Japan





VENUS SQUARE MARS - Music for the Deep Night (M028A) The modern, psychedelic, trans-cultural transcendental music. With David Philipson (bansuri north Indian bamboo flute, ocarrinas) and Hamza El-Din (oud, tar)





DUSAN BOGDANOVIC: Keys To Talk By (M019A) With Dusan Bogdanovic and MiroslavTadić (guitars). Recorded at the beautiful Harmony Hall in Matsumoto, Japan, this CD features two large compositions for two guitars and percussion and Dusan's stunning "Polymetric Studies" for solo guitar





THE SNAKE MUSIC (CMP60), with Jack Bruce (bass, harmonica, vocals), Miroslav Tadić (guitars), Markus Stockhausen (trumpet), David Torn (guitar), Wolfgang Puschnig (sax) and Walter Quintus (digitalia) Includes music by Hendrix, Zappa, Nino Rota and Jack Bruce





THE JACK BRUCE COLLECTOR'S EDITION (CMP 1013) Here you will find some of my collaborations with Jack, including the radically reworked and previously unreleased "Politician". The musicians on this CD include Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Ginger Baker, Trilok Gurtu and Miroslav Tadić





LET'S BE GENEROUS (CMP 53),with Joachim Kühn (ancient electric keyboards and piano) and the Reverend Tony Newton (bass, formerly with Tony Williams Lifetime) and Miroslav Tadić (guitars). The February 1993 DOWN BEAT magazine said: "Nothing could get any harsher, more defiantly-in-your-face than Let's Be Generous." The August 1992 NEW MUSIC REPORT said "It's dark, brilliant, aggressive, beautiful, rich and demanding music." Includes music of Eric Dolphy





DARK (CMP 28) This is the original DARK, with singer Catherine Guard, percussionist Leonice Shinneman and Mark London Sims on bass, keyboards and percussion. Option Magazine found it  a "challenging, complex, subtle and superlative work" while Forced Exposure simply called it "a very great slab of plastic." 





DARK: Tamna voda (CMP 36) with Miroslav Tadić (guitars) Mark London Sims (bass) and Leonice Shinneman (percussion, keyboards). The band's guests on this record were L. Shankar (double violin) and David Torn (guitar). "Music that hangs over you like a threatening and mesmerizing cloud" (Jazziz, Oct. 1989)





    Edward Vesala's Sound And Fury: Invisible Storm An ECM release





JIMI SUMEN: Paintbrush, Rock Penstemon (CMP 61)
Electric guitarist from Finland, Jimi Sumen, with Edward Vesala`s Sound and Fury. Compositions by Edward Vesala





BRACHA (CMP 34) with John Bergamo (percussion), David Philipson (bansuri-north Indian bamboo flute) and Miroslav Tadić (guitars)





    JACK BRUCE: Somethin Els  A CMP release with Trilok Gurtu, Dave Liebman, Eric Clapton, a.o.





JACK BRUCE: A Question Of Time (Acadia 8155) With Ginger Baker, Tony Williams, Zakir Hussain, Allan Holdsworth, Nicky Hopkins, Albert Collins, Bernie Worrell, Steve Jordan and others





    ORTE  by Swiss guitarist Raymond Theler features MN, Marcio Doctor and Walter Quintus. Produced by Quintus and Nauseef.




JADRANKA: Baby Universe (Omagatoki OMCX-1010) Jadranka (1950 - 2016) was a singer/songwriter from Sarajevo, Bosnia. With Miroslav Tadić (guitars) Yasuhiro Kobayashi (accordion), Howard Levy (harmonica), Michel Godard (tuba) and Yoshiko Sakata (biwa) Omagatoki 1996, re-released by Croatia Records





     Joachim Kühn: Nightline New York   Recorded in New York City in 1981, with Kühn, Michael Brecker, Billy Hart, Bob Mintzer and Eddie Gomez. The CD has been released by OSCA (Japan) and IN-AKUSTIK (Germany)





Joachim Kühn: I'm Not Dreaming with Ottomar Borwitzky (cello), Rolf Kühn (arrangements), Herbert Försch (percussion), George Lewis (trombone) CMP 1983, re-released by MiG Music 2014




Produced by Mark Nauseef:  K.R.T. Wasitodiningrat - The Music Of KRT Wasitodiningrat  CMP Records - CMP CD 3007
Performed By Gamelan Sekar Tunjung
Recorded in Yogyakarta, Java 1990




Produced by Mark Nauseef: Gamelan Batel Wayang Ramayana CMP Records - CMP CD 3003
Performed by Kusuma Sari, Sading.
Recorded at Pura Dalem Pembungan, Sading, Bali, 1989




Produced by Mark Nauseef: Gender Wayang Pemarwan - Music For The Balinese Shadow Play "The Mahabharata"  CMP Records - CMP CD 3014 
Performed by Sekehe Gender Bharata Muni, Sading.
Recorded at Pura Dalem, Pembungan, Sading, Bali, September 1989.